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The Choose Health Podcast is weekly show which brings on top experts in health to help you to realise and reach your health potential. We look at sleep,nutrition,breathing,meditation and other lifestyle choices. The guests will provide you with practical means to improving your health and taking your health into your own hands including habit formation, implementing change and creating the mindset to reach our health potential. Each episode brings you recommendations and strategies you can implement straight away in your lives. We share resources and success stories from people who transformed their health and wellbeing and top tips towards living a healthy and happy life.
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Jun 8, 2016
Pat Divilly is an author, speaker and health and wellness coach who has fast become one of Irelands leading authorities on health and wellness.
He has raised hundreds of thousands of euros through various events for Irish charities including Console and Cystic Fibrosis Ireland.
In this episode we delve into:
How and why Pat got into into health and fitness.
Pat's definition of health.
How can other men take the first steps to help improve their mental health.
What Pat did that helped him when he suffered with poor mental health.
What advice he would give himself back when things weren’t going well.
How important has self awareness been in your journey from adversity to where you are now.
The importance of belief.
How he turned Failure into Success
Inspiration vs Desperation
What caused Pat to commit fully to change?
How getting a balanced life, work and family is so important to Pat.
Being vulnerable and open.
Revealing emotions as a man.
Critics and how he deals with them.
10 day challenge for listeners:
Take action on what you learnt.
Write down 3 things each night of things you want to do the next day that are important.
Top 3 tips to live a healthy and happy life
1) Gratitude
2) Action Steps
3) Journalling/goal setting
Find out more about Pat and his work:
Other Resources: (Non Affiliate Links)
Headspace App– Start a free 10 day introduction into Mindfulness Meditation. This is the app I use everyday and how I started into Mindfulness Meditation.
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